Apple iPhone 4S Smartphone with improved performance

iPhone 4S Smartphone



Apple iPhone 4S replaces the iPhone 4 as Apple’s flagship smartphone. It looks a lot like its predecessor but is packed with new hardware to make the iPhone platform more competitive. Apple iPhone 4S will be available in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK from October 14, 2011 starting at $199 with 2 years wireless contract.







Apple fell short of announcing an iPhone 5, which was what most people were anticipating, leaving lots of people (even some fans) disappointed. Instead, they offered an upgrade to the iPhone 4. The Apple iPhone 4S looks just like the iPhone 4, but with improved hardware. Despite the hardware upgrade, the iPhone 4S will not be offering NFC, 4G-like browsing speed, and still maintains a 3.5-inch display.

The major improvements on the Apple iPhone 4S include a 1GHz dual-core processor for faster graphics performance and an 8 megapixels camera with faster response and full 1080p HD recording. The phone still retains its front facing camera with Apple FaceTime. Apple iPhone 4S supports GSM/WCDMA and CDMA/EVDO Rev A, giving it global roaming capability.

The most interesting feature on the iPhone 4S is perhaps its Siri voice controlled intelligent assistant. It is a voice control feature that enables you talk to your phone the way you will talk to a person in natural language. Just talk to your phone like a person: “Remind me to call Mark in 30 minutes” and your iPhone 4S will do the rest. You can ask your phone questions, make requests, or give it commands, the iPhone 4S will respond intelligently and may even ask you a few questions of its own to clarify what you want.

Apple iPhone 4S will ship with Apple’s latest OS, the iOS 5 with some improved features including a new integrated messaging service called the iMessage, better integration with push notification, and better twitter integration. It also features Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and hotspot capability.

The iPhone 4S still features a 3.5-inch display like its predecessor, which is probably its most criticized feature. Most people were expecting a larger display around 4.0-inch. It is the same retina display on the iPhone 4 still with 960 x 640-pixel resolution giving 326 ppi.

Although the iPhone 4S offers faster browsing speed with 14.4Mbps (compared to 7.2Mbps), this fell short the 4G-like browsing speed expected by fans.

Apple iPhone 4S will be available in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK from October 14, 2011. It will be available in iPhone 4S 16GB, iPhone 4S 32GB, and iPhone 4S 64GB models going for $199, $299, and $399 respectively on a 2 year wireless contract.

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