BlackBerry Torch 2 now in Nigeria Bold Touch now N120,000


BlackBerry Torch 2


BlackBerry Torch 9810 (a.k.a Torch 2), the successor of the BlackBerry Torch 9800, is now available in Nigeria. I spotted it at Slot for N90,000 (Although I will swear it was N120,000 just yesterday). The older Torch 9800 now goes for between N70,000 and N85,000 depending on the colour. I also noticed that the BlackBerry Bold Torch which was previously crazily priced at around N150,000 is now down to a more reasonable price of N120,000.






BlackBerry Torch 9810 offers a more powerful platform than its predecessor boasting of a 1.2GHz processor. It also supports RIM’s latest OS, the BlackBerry 7 OS which boasts of some new features like NFC, better user experience, and improved media support.

Although the Torch 9810 like the Touch 9800 feature a 3.2-inch display and a slide-out keypad, the BB Torch 2 features VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels), which offers a superior viewing experience compared to the half-VGA on the Torch 1.

BlackBerry Torch 9810 features 5 megapixel camera just like the Torch 9800. However, Torch 2′ camera supports 720p HD video much better than the VGA video support on its predecessor.

BlackBerry Torch 9810 is currently priced at N90,000. This is a good price, considering prices in other countries. Meanwhile, the Bold Touch 9900 is now down to N120,000, which is a more reasonable price than the N150,000 launch price. However, we still believe the price will still go south before stabilising at around N110,000.

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