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Etisalat Deploys Easyblaze 3G HSPA+ Internet in Nigeria up to 42Mbps

Etisalat Easyblaze


Lagos, Nigeria: Etisalat Nigeria has introduced its high speed Broadband internet service, called Easyblaze to its customers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna, Zaria, Warri, Enugu, Aba, Awka, Nnewi, Onitsha and Benin. The rollout of the High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) 3.75G technology offering speeds up to 42Mbps allows etisalat subscribers achieve high speed internet access, faster file downloads, video calling and streaming and other related activities.


The new easyblaze broadband internet service is sold with a wide range of data plans designed for all segments of the market. These plans can be used on a wide range of mobile devices from smartphones, tablets, routers and USB modems, from the Etisalat portfolio. As an introductory offer, etisalat is offering free data bundles with the purchase of any of these devices from any etisalat experience centre with up to 6GB free data bundle available.

Speaking on the deployment of the new technology, Etisalat Chief Executive Officer, Steven Evans said that the HSPA+ network launch is evidence of the substantial investment the telecommunication company has committed in response to customer’s need. According to him, “After the successful deployment of voice services, the next big thing is mobile broadband, and there’s a pent up demand for data services in this market and we are committed to meeting this demand of our subscribers. The deployment of 3.75G HSPA+ technology on our network is in line with the company’s vision of a world in which technology extends people’s reach on all fronts”.

“We have made a substantial direct investment in infrastructure with a significant portion deployed into the construction of the GSM network infrastructure and the introduction of HSPA+ technology which will deliver reliable high speed broadband that will represent a change in internet connectivity and data transfer for our customers”, he added.

Substantiating the CEO’s position, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Wael Ammar said, “With the launch of commercial data services based on HSPA+ technology, our customers are now in a position to enjoy compelling voice and data packages that keep them atop of their business and personal lives. Our customers will now be able to browse and access both information and entertainment on their devices. HSPA+ spectrum will enable Etisalat offer more robust data services with the opportunity for better internet access speeds on mobile devices. As the pacesetter we have become in this market, our broadband internet service will transform customers experience like never before, with value for money spent.”

Ammar said that the next couple of months will witness aggressive roll-out in major cities on Etisalat’s network while subsequent network expansion on the 3G spectrum will continue progressively with eventual coverage in major parts of the country over a period of time. “The roll-out will ensure that each geographical area that is 3G compliant will deliver on quality of service, in terms of speed of data access.” The CCO assured.

Etisalat obtained the licence through the acquisition of Alheri Mobile Services Limited, the formerly owned subsidiary of the Dangote Group, which was previously issued the license by the Nigerian Communication Commission. Etisalat’s 3.75G HSPA+ service will be initially available in 14 cities and will be aggressively rolled-out across Nigeria over the coming months.

About Etisalat

In just about 3 years of operations, Etisalat Nigeria has become a major industry player with a growing subscriber base of over 8 million in a highly competitive market. Its portfolio of voice and data-centric products include – easy starter, easycliq, easyblaze, easynet and elite world; all tailor-made to meet the needs of its subscribers. For its outstanding performance, it has won it several awards including ‘Brand of the Year’, ‘Best Telecom Customer Service’ Telecom Innovations Company of the Year, and ‘Most Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Company’, among others. Etisalat Nigeria is one of the 18 operations of the Etisalat Group that spans across Africa, Middle East and Asia serving over 100 million subscribers; and it is committed to delivering innovative and quality services to its growing subscribers