Nokia Announces the Nokia 600, Touts it as its Loudest Smartphone




Nokia just announced the Nokia 600, a Symbian Belle powered smartphone. Symbian Belle is the latest iteration of Nokia’s Symbian OS. Nokia 600 sports a 3.2-inch nHD capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. It measures 111 x 53 x 13mm and weighs 100g. According to Nokia, the loudspeaker outputs at the rate of 106 phon i.e it is very loud, making it the loudest smartphone ever.






It also has NFC (Near Field Communication) and it has very high transfer rate and a pentaband radio, and supports 3G data rates up to HSUPA standards, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth. Nokia 600 will also feature an FM transmitter as well as an FM receiver with a built-in antenna, eliminating the need to plug-in an ear piece to listen to FM radio.

Nokia 600 will be available in black, white, pink and lime flavours from the third quarter of 2011 and it will cost around 180 Euros (N40,000).

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