Prices of Cheap Nokia Phones in Nigeria Basic Phones

If you are looking for prices of cheap Nokia phones, find them below. Cheap Nokia phones are for price sensitive consumers who want to get a high quality device from a trusted brand. If you are not interested on internet application and require a phone that simply gets the job done, these cheap Nokia phones should be okay for you.

Cheap Nokia phones are also great as standby phones when going to rural areas. Because they lack all the bells and whistle, they often offer longer battery life as well as faster charging time. Cheap Nokia Phones are also tough and durable and you do not have to worry so much about losing them.

Nokia has also been innovating on even their cheapest phones. Nokia is introducing dual-SIM dual standby in some of their current cheap phones, like the Nokia 101 and X1-01. These new dual-SIM phones also feature dual-standby as well as the ability of storing settings for up to five SIMs.

Prices listed here are not exact prices, but aggregated prices from different sources. However, prices quoted here should be near the retail price of the phones. All Nokia phones listed here feature FM radio and flashlight. You can click on the name of any device for a detailed specs.

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* Not yet available in Nigeria, hence prices are only projected prices.

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Sources/Credits: Slot, Mizbeach, Fine Brothers


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