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U-Mo Mobile Money supported on Glo MTN Etisalat and Airtel

U-Mo Mobile Money



The MoU between Afripay, the owners of the U-Mo mobile money service and Glo mobile does not actually mean that the service will only be available to Glo subscribers. The deal only makes things easier for Glo subscribers and gives U-Mo mobile money a better chance of survival.

Currently, the U-Mo Mobile money service will be available to Glo, MTN, Etisalat, and Airtel subscribers. However, the deal between Afripay and Glo will make things easier for Glo subscribers. It will enable any Glo subscriber irrespective of their type of mobile phone to access the mobile money service.

For example, the U-Mo application could be housed as a network service on Glo magic, making things easier. So, while subscribers of other networks will require a Java enabled phone in-order to run the Java based U-Mo mobile money application, Glo subscribers are good to go with no downloads and with any phone that supports a SIM card.

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